How to Adjust the Center Shot on a Compound Bow

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Whether you are using your compound bow for hunting or archery, finding the center shot will improve your accuracy. Fortunately, there is a simple and systematic process to adjust the center shot of your compound bow. Naturally, you will need a working familiarity with your bow and to know the names of the different parts of your bow. With that understanding and a few simple tools, you can adjust the center shot in a compound bow today.

Items you will need

  • Fine point marker

  • Tape measure

  • Bow vise

  • Rubbing alcohol

Find the center shot of your bow.

Measure the full width of the upper limb of your compound bow at the limb tip. Divide this measurement in half. Make a small mark as close to the wheel as possible on the limb using the fine point marker. Repeat this at the riser end of the upper limb of the bow.

Repeat the process on the bottom limb of the compound bow. You will now be ready to find the string center.

Place a ruler across the tip of the upper limb, above the wheel. Locate the center of the limb on the ruler, noting the distance from the limb center to the string center.

Start at the limb center and make a mark on the limb closest to the riser. Take this measurement and mark it on the string. This is your string center. Repeat the process on the bottom limb.

Hold bow securely in an upright position. Nock an arrow and place it on the arrow rest.

Visually line up the string with the string center marks on the limb of the bow. The marks should be hidden behind your string when looking straight on. The string should run down the center of the arrow.

Loosen your arrow rest and move it to the left or to the right if you find that the string does not line up with the arrow. Moving the arrow rest to allow the string and the arrow to line up properly will adjust the center shot of your compound bow.


  • Remove fine point marker marks from the bow with rubbing alcohol.
  • On right handed bows, the string will normally be just to the left of center.
  • On left handed bows, the string will normally be just to the right of center.


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