How to Adjust a Boat Gear Shift Cable

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The gear shift cable on your boat may need adjusting if your boat is having shift problems. This can be difficult if you don't understand the workings of a boat. Follow these steps to learn how to adjust the gear shift cables on your craft.

Check that the preset 6-foot length from tip hole to barrel is set. Withdraw the forward shift cable from the shift arm sassy. Put the shift box into the forward gear.

Verify that the metal spring-loaded piece moves freely into both stop positions. When in the center, the switch roller remains in the center of the valley located on the end of the metal arm.

Drop the cable to its shortest position by moving the shift arm with the lower shift cable attached. Make sure that the prop is turned counterclockwise in position to the stop. This is called full forward position.

Regulate the forward cable to fit between the studs. Eliminate all slack but don't overtighten. Adjust the forward position by moving the metal bar until you feel as if you are forcing it into position.

Adjust the reverse position by removing the lower cable from the tip of the stud. Shift it into reverse. Turn the prop CW to the stop position while pulling on the end of the lower cable. Move the cable mounted stud up or down to fit in to the slot.

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