How to Add Oil to a Honda AquaTrax

The Honda AquaTrax, known for its horsepower and maneuverability, is a popular type of wave runner that has the ability to hold multiple passengers. If you own a Honda AquaTrax, you will want to follow the maintenance recommendations to care for the vehicle to ensure a long and trouble-free life for it. To make sure your AquaTrax continues to run well, you may need to add oil to the engine from time to time.

Flush the Honda AquaTrax to make sure you get an accurate oil reading. Start the engine and turn on the Fresh Water setting. Idle for 5 to 10 minutes and then rev the engine to clear out the water after you turn off the Fresh Water setting. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes before continuing.

You must secure the wave runner on a stand or trailer. Make sure the AquaTrax is level, so that you can remove the seat and rear tray.

View the engine of the Honda AquaTrax once you remove the seat and rear tray. Toward the back of the engine, you'll see the oil filler cap. Open the cap and use a cloth to wipe the oil dipstick clean to check the level.

Push the dipstick into the oil filler hole completely. Remove the stick and check the oil levels designated by the markings. The oil should fall between the lower and upper level markings of the dipstick. If it falls below the mark, you must add oil to the AquaTrax.

Add oil through the filler hole of the Honda until the level reaches the upper mark designated on the dipstick. You should add the oil in 1/2-quart increments until you reach this level.


  • The type of oil you will use depends on your model of Honda AquaTrax. Many models utilize 10w-40 motor oil.

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