What is the Best Baitcast Fishing Line?

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Baitcasting fishing reels are characterized by being mounted on top of the rod and controlled by the pressure of your thumb against the line. While baitcasting reels are designed for experienced anglers, they can be used for a range of fish, using different fishing techniques. Choosing the type of fishing line for the baitcasting reel can be challenging for even experienced anglers. According to Keith Sutton of Bass Pro Shops, choosing the best fishing line for your baitcasting reel depends on a variety of factors, such as the size and species of fish, current conditions and type of tackle.


Fluorocarbon combines a sensitive, less-visible fishing line that can be used for various applications with a baitcasting reel. Ronald F. Dodson, Ph.D. and bass fishing expert, says fluorocarbon is the best baitcast fishing line when you are using soft plastics such as worms or lizards. Fluorocarbon line is also ideal while fishing in extremely clear water, in very bright conditions or when your fishing line is stationary. One drawback to fluorocarbon, however, is it lacks durability in baitcasting reels and can be damaged during backlashes.


Braided fishing line is strong, eliminates stretch and allows you to reach maximum depth with your bait presentation. Sutton recommends avoiding overfilling the baitcasting reel with braided line that can result in backlashes during casting. Fill the reel about one-eighth inch from the spool rim. The combination of strength, micro diameter and ultra-sensitivity make braided fishing line one of the best for baitcasting reels.


For beginners, monofilament fishing line is ideal for baitcasting reels. Monofilament is a versatile fishing line that is easy to cast and can be used in most conditions. The shape of the monofilament line makes it easy to cast by reducing the potential for backlashes, and it spools correctly while retrieving the bait. Overall, monofilament line provides smooth casts, visibility to see your bait, easy knot tying and the ability to float on the water.


Fusion fishing lines are a blend of braided lines to improve sensitivity and strength without adding size and weight. The improved sensitivity and strength make it the best fishing line when baitcasting for bigger fish such as muskie or northern pike. You can also cast the fusion lines easily and the sensitivity and limited stretch allow you to successfully set the hook when you have a fish biting the bait.