Activities for Senior Citizens in Houston, Texas

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Houston is a thriving urban area with many major corporations, such as Pennzoil, Transocean, and Halliburton, and is one of the nation’s largest cities. Even though it has a bustling urban feel, it has many parks, restaurants, shops, and theaters. In addition, it is near the port of Galveston, which has many of the state's top beaches. Houston has a wide variety of recreation and leisure activities that seniors will enjoy.

Recreation Centers

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department is a valuable resource for senior activities, fitness, and socialization. Senior classes are open to seniors age 55 and older and the classes include crafts, computer classes, cultural events, fashion shows and holiday events. With seniors staying more fit than ever, there are classes in line dancing, aerobics, SR Olympics, and walking clubs.

Square and Round Dancing

Seniors can stay physically and mentally fit by dancing. The Houston Square and Round Dance Council offers square and round dancing, and clogging. This group of seniors meets for amusement, socializing, physical activity, and the art of folk dancing. In addition, the annual Houston Hoe Down takes place annually in late October. Preregistration for this event is due by October 1st. Membership to this group is open to the public.


Volunteering is a good way to share your talents, keep mentally and physically active, and make friends. Groups like Volunteer Match find opportunities where seniors can help make a difference. Jobs include helping children in need find books appropriate for their age, painting murals, working at a conservatory or for the Grand Opera Boutique staff.

Church Senior Groups

Church seniors groups are a welcoming, encouraging, and safe place to meet others for fellowship. Churches like the First Methodist Church of Houston, The Lakewood Church, and The South Main Baptist Church offer programs for seniors. These groups gather for concerts, small groups, live music, skits, luncheons, games, retreats, Sunday school, bible studies, day trips, and walking tours.

Adult Day Care Centers

Adult Day Care Centers in Houston offer a place where seniors who need a little help can gather for activities, both mental and physical. Such centers usually offer educational activities, meals, snacks, and fellowship. In addition, programs of special interest may include gardening, art, music, reading, cooking, word games, discussion groups, and woodworking. These establishments offer a safe and encouraging place to spend the day.

Senior Centers

Senior Centers are an excellent resource and a friendly place for seniors to gather. They provide a valuable service to the communities in their area. The centers usually offer meals to seniors. A registered dietician generally plans menus offering healthy foods. In addition, blood pressure checks, hearing checks, bingo, music, bake sales, luncheons, and special holiday dances are some of the group activities (see Reference 5).