Places to Bungee Jump in Colorado

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A pulse-pounding, gut-wrenching sport, bungee jumping tests your stamina, determination and willingness to pit your mettle against an exhilarating, even frightening experience. While Colorado does not have as many bungee jumping experiences as other states, it does have the No. 1-ranked bungee jumping experience in the world. Additionally, the state has bungee-like experiences near Glenwood Springs, Golden, Denver and a variety of locales that change annually.

Glenwood Canyon Adventures

Travel to picturesque Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where Hollywood cowboy Tom Mix filmed movies and notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone vacationed, to find the fabled Glenwood Caverns, home of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. The park boasts a bungee trampoline for the younger and lighter set -- participants must weigh between 30 and 180 lb. -- that allows them to jump, back flip and somersault while always dropping back to the trampoline. The park also features a giant swing that carries you out over Glenwood Canyon 1,300 feet below at up to 50 miles per hour. The swing safely holds four participants.

Elitch Gardens Experiences

Test yourself against the XLR8R and the Sling Shot at Elitch Gardens near downtown Denver. While neither attraction is a bungee jumping experience per se, both are free-fall experiences. The XLR8R is billed as the highest free-fall swing in the state and takes around two minutes to complete. The Sling Shot catapults you 216 feet into the air where you spin and tumble. Both attractions have height limitations. You must be 42 inches tall for the XLR8R and 44 inches tall for the Sling Shot.

Heritage Square Bungee

Travel to Heritage Square in historic Golden, Colorado, nestled in the foothills west of Denver and home of the Colorado School of Mines and the Coors Brewing Company, to experience a 70-foot bungee plunge that quells anxious jumpers with a large airbag at the base of the tower.

Luxergy Experiences

Check out Luxergy -- an adventure company that specializes in extreme and exhilarating adventures and experiences -- to find out when their next bungee jumping experiences take place in Colorado. They do not have a set schedule.

Royal Gorge Jump

Peer down 1,053 feet into the Royal Gorge from the highest suspension bridge in the world that spans awe-inspiring depths. A bungee jumping experience is held annually on the bridge. You dive from a platform and drop like a stone toward the Arkansas River, only to be snapped back with incredible bounce. Hottnez, a worldwide travel website, ranks the Royal Gorge plunge as the world’s No. 1 bungee jumping experience.