North Carolina Cities That Have Beaches

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North Carolina has both popular and remote beaches. Visit the beach cities of the Outer Banks that dot the islands or the laid back coastal towns. Most of the cities and towns hosting these beaches have restaurants, shopping and a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy. There are plenty of amenities in most coastal cities for visitors.

Outer Banks

The city of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, is located in the northern section of Outer Banks, a stretch of barrier islands along the coast of North Carolina. Cape Hatteras is a small town with a "laid back attitude." The beach is known for its plethora of outdoor activities. A large portion of protected land is accessible to the public. You can find plenty of adventure or relaxation here, depending on your vacation style. Try kiteboarding, a sport using a small surfboard and a type of kite to ride waves.

Crystal Coast

Swansboro has a relaxed beach atmosphere and is full of little boutiques and waterfront restaurants. Located right on the water of the Crystal Coast in central North Carolina, there are plenty of ocean activities to participate in, from kayaking to fishing to swimming. Spend time in the city by strolling the boardwalk and tasting local food for sale. You may also want to explore Hammocks Beach State Park which is accessible by ferry. The beaches of the state park are unspoiled and uncrowded.

New Hanover Beaches

Wrightsville Beach is located in New Hanover county. The city is a popular tourist spot and full of restaurants and shopping close to the beach and in the city. Here you can surf, fish, boat in coastal waters or explore the protected land of Masonboro Island or Mason Inlet Waterbird Management Area. Carolina Beach is another beach located in this area. The city is on an island and connected to the mainland by bridge. Fishing is popular in this area. This beach has slightly warmer waters than other North Carolina beaches, which extends fishing season here from April to November. Anglers can deep sea fish for grouper, mahi mahi and flounder.

Brunswick Beaches

Brunswick Beaches are located in southeastern North Carolina. Located on a string of islands with white, sandy beaches, the cities are quiet and quaint. The city of Calabash is located in this community. Famous for its seafood, this city has 30 seafood restaurants in a 1-mile radius. If you are a golfer, the city also has 30 golf courses within a 30 minute drive. However, if you want to enjoy the water, boating and sport fishing are very popular. Many companies in the area charter boats for offshore fishing.

Climate and Geography

North Carolina has a temperate climate. Coastal temperatures are typically cooler than the interior of the state. The average temperature of the coast in July is 80 to 85 degrees F, the highest coastal temperatures being in the southern eastern tip. Spring and fall tend to be mild. October highs reach an average of 60 to 65 degrees F. May temperatures usually will also be in the 60s. Depending where you are, North Carolina beaches have large sand dunes, nearby marsh and wetlands, barrier islands and white sandy beaches.



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