Cobra Kayaks Vs. Ocean Kayaks

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Cobra Kayaks and Ocean Kayaks are popular choices when it comes to choosing a water craft for recreational kayaking or fishing. Both brands come with features that kayakers expect in top-of-the-line products, but each has characteristics unique to the specific brand and design. Choosing a Cobra or Ocean Kayak means knowing what you want in terms of size, style and performance.

Cobra Kayaks

Cobra Kayaks come in three broad categories: surf and fun, fishing and touring. Surf and fun kayaks are small and light, perfect for the novice or experienced kayaker. Surf and fun kayaks come in 10- or 12-feet models for single or tandem paddlers. Fishing kayaks offer flexibility and ample deck space, and they are designed for lake, stream, in-shore or off-shore fishing. Cobra touring kayaks provide fast paddling and plenty of storage for a full day of paddling fun.

Ocean Kayaks

Ocean Kayaks feature designs for all kayakers' needs. Single kayaks are fashioned with fun and performance in mind. Ocean Kayaks also have fishing kayaks, tandem kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. Ocean Kayaks specialize in kayaks specifically designed for women. These kayaks are lightweight for easy handling both on and off of the water.

Choosing a Kayak

Choosing the right kayak for the right activity is important for performance, handling and ease of transport. The length and width of a kayak determines its speed and maneuverability. A long and thin design is best for touring but can be cumbersome on rivers. Choose between different hull shapes based on how you will use your kayak. V-shapes encourage a kayak to go straight, while smooth bottoms encourage the boat to spin. Both Ocean Kayaks and Cobra Kayaks have a variety of lengths, shapes and sizes to fit your kayaking needs. It is also important to consider where you will store your kayak when it's not in use when determining what size of craft to buy.

Fishing or Touring

Cobra kayaks feature rear flush-mount or surface-mount rod holders and plenty of deck space for fishermen. Fishing kayaks from Cobra also have plug-and-play installation for fish finders and a deep live well for storing the day’s catch. Ocean Kayaks are a well-balanced blend of sea kayak and surfboard, and they are well-designed for either a day of touring or an afternoon of fishing. Ocean Kayaks offer 13 fishing-kayak models with well-accessorized decks.


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