What Are Good Rod & Reels for Tuna Fishing?

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As an important commercial fish, tuna is pursued by anglers from around the world. The most popular tuna species include albacore, yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna and big eye tuna, with each species having the ability to swim at speeds of 70 km per hour. With the ability to reach top speeds and produce a tough fight when caught, your fishing rod and reel must be built to withstand the demands of tuna fishing.

Penn Special Senator Reel

According to Edward Mortell, professional angler, the perfect combination for deep water bottom fishing is the Penn Special Senator reel and Electramate 440-XP electric fishing reel kit. This combination is ideal for fishing with swim baits and provides increased line capacity that makes the reel big enough to handle enough fishing line when you are fighting a large tuna. Mortell recommends the Electramate Model 920-XP because it provides power and reliability when fishing in water 2,000 feet deep. The reel has the capability of retrieving the fishing line at a speed of about 524 feet per minute.

Calstar Grafighter GFTR-765L Fishing Rod

Tuna fishing requires a long, durable rod that can withstand an extended fight with an aggressive fish. According to Danny McElroy, tuna fishing expert, the Calstar Grafighter GFTR-765L fishing rod is among the best for tuna fishing. The heavy rod is designed specifically for tuna fishing and can handle up to 80 lb. test fishing line. The 6 feet, 6 inch length gives you the leverage needed when fighting a tuna deep in the water. Made from graphite and fiberglass, the Calstar Grafighter GFTR-765L provides strength, durability and performance in one lightweight rod.

Van Staal Spinning Reel

Van Staal produces fishing reels recognized for durability, making it one of the best reels for tuna fishing. According to the Tackle Tour website, Van Staal reels have the ability to catch big, hard fighting fish along with casting light tackle for Albacore tuna fishing. The sealed, waterproof drag system on the Van Staal fishing reel can withstand the harsh conditions of the salt water along with providing the performance needed to successfully land a tuna.