Cheap Things to Do in Branson, Missouri

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Branson is a city in Taney County with a population of over 6,050 residents. The city is named after a postmaster named Rueben Branson, who owned and operated a general store and was a postmaster in the 1880s.

Branson is a popular vacation spot for people from Missouri and the surrounding states. The reason it’s a popular vacation spot is because there are so many things to do that are cheap from family activities, budget activities, parks and gardens, tours and sightseeing and more.

Branson Titanic Museum Attraction Exhibit

The Branson Titanic Museum is an exact replica of the real Titanic which sank on April 15, 1912. It is a huge 17,000 square foot museum shaped like a ship which carries artifacts and memorabilia from the Titanic. Once inside, the guests can climb the infamous grand staircase. Visitors are allowed to touch the wheel on the captain’s bridge as well as stroll on the decks and galleries that the wealthy and famous did in 1912.

You would think that the story of the Titanic is too complicated a story for children to understand, but kids as young as 6 years old are allowed in the museum. Storytellers, who are real survivors, are on hand to recount the events that lead up to the fatal tanking of the Titanic. Replicas of tickets that were given to the original passengers are given out to each visitor of the museum and the story behind each ticket holder is told.

Pricing is pretty cheap. Children ages 1 to 4 are admitted free. The admission price for children ages 5 to 12 is $9.99 as of 2010. Admission for adults is $18.82. If you buy a family pass which consists of 2 Adults, minimum of two children, maximum of four children (ages 5 to 18, that still reside within the residence) you only pay $53.87.

Andy’s Frozen Custard

There’s nothing like cool, creamy ice cream during a hot summer vacation. There’s an inexpensive custard place called Andy’s Frozen Custard. Andy’s makes homemade brownie sundaes, shakes, and malteds from all natural ingredients. The recipe is 68 years old and Andy is not about to give up the secret. Ice cream is always a cheap treat for kids and adults alike.

Branson ‘s Hollywood Wax Museum

Getting up close and personal with the stars is attainable in this museum. Visitors have the ability to step on to any set that entails famous scenes with stars from shows like Charlie’s Angels, Forrest Gump, or the Starship Enterprise. These wax figures are so life-like you’ll really believe you’ve met a celebrity.

The Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum is open from 10:00 a.m. until midnight 365 days a year. Children under 4 are admitted for free. Buying tickets online is cheaper than buying tickets at the box office. For instance, a ticket for a child between the ages of 4-11 at the box office is $8.95.

However, if you buy the ticket online, the price is $5.95. Adults buying tickets at the box office pay $17.95, but if they buy their tickets online, the price is $14.95. Seniors 55 and older pay $15.95 at the box office, but online, they only pay $12.95.

Branson’s IMAX Entertainment

Another inexpensive place for family, kids, and friends is Branson’s IMAX Entertainment. The complex entails live musical shows, a huge movie theater featuring Hollywood’s big hits. It also entails lots of different food courts and indoor shopping. The complex itself stands six stories tall and 83 feet wide. The movie theatre plays a different movie every hour on the hour and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Branson Theme Parks

Silver Dollar City is one of the World's Top Theme Parks in Branson. The park is for people of all ages. It's affordable for everyone and is especially family friendly. The park is an 1880s style theme park and has state of the art rides like, The Giant Swing, RiverBlast, The American Plunge and other heart racing rides. There are so many cheap things to do in Branson Missouri that are fun and worth looking into.