Top 10 Saltwater Fishing Reels

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Saltwater fishing in the flats or in the deep ocean requires specialized equipment, including fishing reels. Captain Joe Richard, outdoor writer and photographer, says that saltwater fishing reels have evolved into complicated pieces of equipment. To effectively fish in saltwater, the fishing reel must be built with components and materials designed to withstand the extreme fishing conditions, large fish and corrosive capabilities of the saltwater.

Shimano Stella

The Shimano Stella is built for durability with a cold forged aluminum spool and Diamond-Like Carbon Coating line roller. A Septon grip, Low Wear Rate Pinion Gear and Aero Wrap II Oscillation provide smooth, comfortable casts. Available in six models, you can choose a Stella to meet your needs.

Penn Slammer

Penn makes some of the best fishing reels, and the Penn Slammer saltwater spinning reel series are among the top saltwater fishing reels. With the metal body, stainless steel main shaft and high-performance features, the Slammer will provide years of use. You can use the Slammer for plug, bait or lure fishing and it can also be used for freshwater fishing.

Pflueger Trion GX-7

For a reel under $40, the Pflueger Trion GX-7 is among the best saltwater fishing reels. A one-way clutch, instant anti-reverse and six stainless steel ball bearings combine to make the Trion smooth casting and easy to retrieve. Made with an aluminum spool and titanium spool lip, the Trion can withstand the corrosion from the saltwater.

Okuma Epixor

When you mix top-notch materials with craftsmanship, you end up with the Okuma Epixor. Graphite rotors and an aluminum frame offer durability, while a spare graphite spool offers versatility if you need to quickly change fishing line. Sealed ball bearings, roller bearing and oiled felt washers make the Epixor a smooth casting reel.

Daiwa Saltiga

Daiwa is known for quality fishing equipment, and the Saltiga is among the best saltwater fishing reels. A tough drag system reduces the chance for backlash and maximizes reliability when fighting a fish. Daiwa also backs the Saltiga with a 5-year warranty.

Quantum Snapshot LS20

If you are looking for a budget-friendly saltwater reel, consider the Quantum Snapshot LS20. A patented 2-Snapshot trigger system makes the Snapshot smooth casting and the adjustable drag prevents your line from breaking while retrieving a fish.

US Reel Supercaster

Occasionally you need a reel that allows long casts, and the US Reel Supercaster is built with a wide spool that allows for extra long casts. After the cast, a 29-inch line retrieval rate per turn quickly and efficiently reels the line back into the spool.

Fin-Nor Offshore

The Fin-Nor Offshore spinning reel series is designed for catching big game fish and long, hard retrieves. The body, rotor and side plate is made from aluminum while the ball bearings, drive gear, centre shaft and pinion gear are constructed from stainless steel. Six different models give you the opportunity to pick the Offshore reel that meets your fishing conditions.

Van Staal VS Surf

Design and manufacturing combine to make the Van Staal VS Surf spinning reel one of the best reels for strength and durability. The sealed waterproof drag system prevents corrosion inside the reel. Available in seven models and three colors, you can choose a VS Surf to meet your personal needs.

Shimano Stradic FI

The Shimano Stradic FI saltwater fishing reel uses a waterproof Aero Wrap II drag system and replaceable drag clicker to prolong the life of the reel. A propulsion line management system provides smooth, consistent casts while the Paladin gear durability enhancement offers smooth retrieves.