The Best Hooks to Use on a Snapper

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If you're an angler in search of delicious snapper for dinner -- or you're in it for the bragging rights -- you probably already know that the snapper season can be pretty short and the daily limit small. Snapper is commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico, and the season tends to be in June or July. For red snapper, you'll only be able to keep two fish per day, so ideally, you'll get the biggest ones possible. To that end, look for certain hooks that encourage the big fish to bite.

Bigger Circle Hooks

In general, anglers tend to prefer circle hooks for catching snapper, as opposed to J-hooks that can cause more injuries to fish -- something you don't want if you're throwing a fish back. Non-stainless steel circle hooks are required for natural bait, reminds If you're using J-hooks, you'll need to use artificial bait. In terms of size, the University of Florida recommends opting for larger hooks; use 12/0 or 15/0 hooks during open season. While these are general recommendations, always check with the local authorities about the most current regulations on bait, hooks and fishing seasons.