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Wildview Extreme 2 Directions

by Tammie Painter

The Wildview company designs and manufactures digital scouting cameras for viewing wildlife. The Xtreme 2 -- model number TGL 2M -- features a two-megapixel camera with wide-angle capabilities. The camera can take either photos or video, and marks the image with time, date and moon phase information. Once you've taken your pictures or video, you can download them onto your computer with the USB or from your installed memory card. To use the Xtreme 2, you need to set it up properly.

Camera Set-up and Use

1. Open the camera's front compartment and install four C batteries. While you have the compartment open, insert an SD memory card into the slot located at the center right of the compartment. You also have the option of using the supplied power cord with the camera, rather than the batteries.

2. Program the camera. Move the time out switch to one, five, ten or twenty minutes. Select high (HI) or low (LO) resolution, with the resolution switch. Move the flash mode switch to Auto, on or off. Choose how many pictures your camera will take at one time, with the capture mode switch.

3. Turn on the camera. Set the hour by pressing "SET." Use the up or down arrows, until the correct hour is displayed. Press "SET" again to set the minutes. Press "SET" again to set the month. Press again to set the date, and again to set the year. Hold "SET" for two seconds to enter your settings.

4. Mount the camera with the strap that came with it. Slip the strap through the strap holders on the back of the camera. Mount the camera to a tree, about four or five feet from the ground and buckle the strap to hold the camera in place.

5. Angle the lens in the direction you want the camera to shoot. With the camera on and the power switch in the "TEST" position, walk in front of the camera to the area you want to photograph or film. If the camera is positioned properly, a green light will flash on the camera. If the light doesn't come on, adjust your camera position or lens angle.

6. Move the power switch to the "OFF" position, wait for the LCD screen to shut down; then move the power switch to "ON." Open the front housing of the camera. The camera will start working after one minute.

Viewing Your Images

1. Turn the camera off and unstrap it from the tree.

2. Plug the USB cable into your computer.

3. Plug the other end of the USB cable into your camera. Wait for the camera to turn on and load your images onto the computer.

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