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How to Unlock the Key on an Aquatrax F12

by Eric Benac

The Aquatrax F-12 is a jet ski created by the Honda corporation. It has many features that separate it from other jet skis, including the ability to lock the key electronically to keep it from being used. Unlocking the system requires pushing in a specific key code. However, if you have forgotten the key code you will be unable to unlock your Aquatrax. Luckily, there is a way that you can find your key code and unlock it successfully.

1. Find the front storage box on your jet ski. This is located on the nose of the jet ski and has four screws holding it down. Remove these screws with your screwdriver. Place the screws someplace where they won't get lost.

2. Remove the storage box to find an eight-pin connector. Remove the zip ties with your pliers and place them where they won't get lost. Unplug the eight-pin connector with your hands and place it to the side.

3. Press the "Mode" and "Set" buttons on the keypad and then insert the safety lanyard into the slot behind where the eight-pin connector was located.

4. Hold the "Mode" and "Set" buttons until the LCD display shows a four digit "ID No" on the screen. It should start blinking. Wait for the warning buzzer to beep. Release the "Mode" and "Set" buttons.

5. Push the "ID No" button on the keypad until you see the number nine. Press the "ID Set" button. Wait for the second number on the LCD display to start blinking.

6. Repeat Step 5 with the second, third and fourth number. Wait for the LCD display to turn off before continuing.

7. Remove the safety lanyard and reconnect the eight-pin meter. Place your front storage box top back in place and screw it back down. Store your safety lanyard somewhere safe.

Items you will need
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Aquatrax F-12 safety lanyard

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