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How to Sight in a Scope on a Daisy BB Gun

by Joe White

Sighting in a newly-mounted scope on your Daisy BB gun may be the most important part of proper scope installation. The process of sighting in an air rifle scope is similar to sighting in the scope of a rifle in its essential elements: careful shooting and notation; delicate adjustments to the alignment of the scope; and a consistent approach. Make sure you use the same size and weight BB's to sight in the scope that you will use in the future. Always observe the rules of gun safety and use common sense.

1. Set up about 10 feet away from the paper target. Shoot prone for the most stability and optimal accuracy.

2. Start your shooting with a group of five aimed at the center of the target, and take note of the approximate center of the group.

3. Adjust the scope by twisting the windage knobs on the side and top of the scope. Depending on the scope model, the adjustments generally vary from five clicks to twenty clicks per inch. Shoot a second group to determine the sensitivity of the scope's adjustment mechanisms.

4. Move the target out to 30 feet after you are satisfied with the sighting at 10 feet.

5. Shoot several rounds of five at a range of 30 feet and adjust the scope according to the center of the groups until you are consistently centered.

6. Be sure to use the same type and weight of shot in all your shooting. If you ever change BB size, you should re-sight your scope to account for flight differences between BB types.

Items you will need
  • Paper target
  • Safety glasses

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