How to Replace an RV Toilet Flange

by Contributor

Millions of people enjoy getting away to the outdoors in their RV. One of the reasons people have RVs is the convenience of accessing their own bathroom with a toilet rather than using primitive camping facilities. Usually, RV toilets operate flawlessly, but occasionally, a flange can cause a problem. In an RV a flange is a threaded fitting that connects the RV toilet to the holding tank. If the flange becomes rusty or corroded, it needs to be replaced. This is something an RV owner can accomplish in roughly one hour.

Remove the RV Toilet

Make sure the RV is parked on a level location. Turn off the water connection to the RV. Use the adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the nuts from the two bolts at the base of the toilet. The two bolts protrude from the flange.

Loosen and remove the water connection at the back of the toilet. Lift the toilet off the two bolts.

Remove the toilet from the RV to allow space to work on the flange. Use a towel to remove any water that leaked from the water connection.

Replace the Flange

Remove the two bolts from the flange by sliding them from their slotted connection. Sometimes the flange is held in place by several wood screws. If this is the case, remove them.

Remove the flange by turning it counterclockwise with your hands. Occasionally the flange will be corroded to the floor or the floor of the RV will be warped. In this case it will be necessary to use a flat screwdriver and a hammer to help remove the flange. Simply place the flat screwdriver horizontally against the inside edge of the flange and tap with a hammer until it comes loose.

Remove the flange and discard. Replace with a new flange by turning the flange clockwise into the top of the waste tank. Some manufacturers include several wood screws with the new flange. If your new flange has wood screws, screw them into the holes in the edge of the flange to make it seat properly.

Slide the two bolts into the grooves on the flange. Reinstall the toilet by lifting it and placing it on to the two bolts that now extend from the flange. Reattach the nuts using the adjustable wrench. Reattach the water connection. Flush the toilet several times to make sure there are no leaks. Retighten any connections if required.

Items you will need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flathead and Phillips screwdrivers
  • Towel
  • RV toilet flange kit