How to Rent a Boat Trailer

by Contributor

When it's time to take the boat out of the water for the season or you just need to move your boat, you're going to need a trailer. If you don't own a trailer, then you'll need to borrow a trailer or rent a boat trailer.

Measure your boat from top to bottom before you start your search on a boat trailer to rent. You will need the measurements of both the boat's length and width.

Check with boat and marine sales and supply companies for information on renting a boat trailer. In addition, you can check with the marina or dock that you keep your boat at. These should all have information and contacts on renting a boat trailer.

Base your questions and search for a boat trailer to rent regarding the type boat that you have. You may have a powerboat that is 20 foot in length or you may have one that is 28 foot in length. There will be a big difference in rental pricing, as the appropriate length of the trailer depends on the boat length. In addition, there is a great deal of difference in the type trailer that you will need to rent for a pontoon boat versus a power boat.

Shop around for the best prices on the trailer rental, but don't wait too long if it's a high demand time. If it is end of the summer, winter coming, storms setting in or hurricanes in the area, you will need to make a much speedier decision as the boat trailer rentals will disappear quickly. Normal price ranges may start at $60.00 a day for a 16 to 18 foot power boat trailer rental. The end scale might be around $110.00 a day for a boat trailer rental on a 30-foot power boat.

Consider joining with friends to rent a boat trailer if you all have similar boats that are going to need to be moved. This is a great idea because you have the help of each other and all included can split the boat trailer rental costs.

Think about using a boat moving service to move your boat. This would include the rental of the boat trailer and the manpower and time it takes to load and move the boat. This is a good idea to consider if the boat is going to need to be moved a long distance or across country. Be sure to check your contract carefully with the boat moving service to be clear on insurance coverages, mileage fees and daily rates.


  • Make sure that the boat trailer that is rented is in "road ready" condition. This means that the frame is not bent, the lights on the trailer all work and it has the appropriate tags and registration to be on public roads and highways.
  • Check with your insurance company to make sure that your boat is covered for any mishaps that may happen while on the trailer and to be sure that you have coverage on the rented boat trailer.