How to Use a Walking Stick

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Even the most adept hiker could use a helping hand on tough terrain. When the way forward is full of muddied ground or loose rocks, a walking stick can work as a stabilizer, helping you get over rough land. Walking sticks can be as simple as a hand-picked, sturdy branch or an adjustable stainless-steel pole. Either way, such aids can make a difficult hike a little easier and more enjoyable.

Using a Walking Stick

Everything on a man-made adjustable walking stick should be adjusted to fit the user. Many have straps that need to be tightened so that your hand can just fit through. When the tip of the pole touches the ground, your elbow should be bent at 90 degrees. The height can be adjusted for preference, but the 90-degree mark is an appropriate place to start. Both natural sticks and man-made ones can be used as an extra boost to push of the ground, taking some weight off the legs and helping with stamina. The stick can also be used as a balance aid, especially on steep descents.


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