How to Use the Flip Feature on a Baitcast Reel

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"Flipping" is a fishing method that mostly is associated with bass anglers who are fishing in heavy cover. Flipping is a technique that involves short casts into specific places. Flipping is an ideal way to drop lures silently into the water and is most often used when the water is muddy. Many baitcasting reels have a switch that anglers can adjust to make the reel useful for flipping.

Locate the flipping switch on the baitcast reel. It slides back and forth and generally can be found on the top of the reel. Moving the switch forward will put the reel into flipping mode. When the reel is in that mode, the spool will spin and release line only when you press down on the reel's thumb bar.

Pick up the rod and reel in your dominant hand. Depress the thumb bar.

Let out an amount of line equivalent to twice the length of the fishing rod and then lift your thumb off the thumb bar.

Grab the fishing line about halfway between the reel and the first rod guide above the reel. Continue holding the rod and reel with your dominant hand. Extend your arm/hand that is holding the fishing line straight from your side. When you do that, half of the line should be between the rod tip and lure, half between the reel and your hand.

Raise your rod tip, causing the lure to swing toward you. Lower the tip of the rod and roll your wrist upward, propelling the lure toward your desired target. As the lure travels through the air, raise the tip of the rod and allow your hand that's holding the line to move toward the rod so it doesn't impede the flight of the lure.


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