How to Troubleshoot the Humminbird Wide Eye Fishfinder

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The Humminbird Wide Eye fish finder is an intermediate model capable of reading depth, schools of fish and temperature. The unit requires 12-volt power and secure connections to the transducer. Although the wide eye models are no longer in production, spare parts are easily obtained from the company and from a number of Internet sources. Repair will require a series of troubleshooting points to locate the problem. Repairs can be executed without any professional knowledge.

Use a voltage meter to test the battery. Replace the battery of it is not functioning properly. Remove the connections to the battery and look for corrosion and damage. Clean the connections with a wire brush and replace. Test the unit.

Follow the red wire from the head unit to the transducer until you locate the inline fuse. Replace the fuse and test the unit.

Check the cables to the power source for damage. Replace any damaged cables and test the unit.

Follow the wire from the head unit to the transducer and check for damage. Splice the wire at any damage points and test the unit. The transducer is sealed and the wire cannot be repaired inside the transducer.

Replace the entire transducer if the power is functioning, the head unit is functioning, the wires are functioning and the fuse is functioning.


  • Do not replace or splice any wires unless you are completely disconnected from the power source.


  • Only test the unit in water. Using the transducer outside of water can cause damage to the system.


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