How to Tow a Jeep With 4 Wheels Down

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Towing your Jeep Wrangler with all four wheels on the ground, also known as flat towing, is the preferred method of towing as recommended by Jeep. You will need to install a tow bar on the Jeep for this method to be employed. Tow bars and wiring harnesses for setting up your Jeep this way are available from RV dealers and aftermarket suppliers. Once you install the appropriate hardware on your Jeep, flat towing is a simple process that makes it easy to move the Jeep from one place to another.

Attach the tow bar and wiring harness to your tow vehicle. This part of the process will vary depending on the type of tow bar and tow vehicle you use to tow the Jeep.

Place the key in the ignition and turn it far enough to unlock the steering column. The Jeep will not tow properly with the column locked. If the front wheels cannot turn, excessive tire wear and poor handle will occur.

Place the transmission in second gear for manual transmissions and neutral for automatic transmissions. You can tow a manual transmission in neutral as well but the owner's manual recommends second gear for the manual transmission Jeeps.

Shift the transfer case to the neutral position on both manual and standard transmission Jeeps. You are now ready to tow your Jeep with all four wheels on the ground.


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