Why Are Sports Good for Children?

by Charles Thomas

Sports are a good way to keep kids busy, expend their energy and give them time to horse around and be kids. Children love to play, so pick up some tennis shoes and a water bottle and let them loose.


Sports are an easy way to get kids out of the house and keep them in shape. Too many children spend the majority of their time watching T.V. or playing video games. Organized sports give kids an athletic routine--improving their coordination, flexibility and overall health.


Sports are a good way for kids to meet and spend time with their friends. The friendships they make playing sports will make them happier and more popular in school. Teammates sometimes become friends that last a lifetime.

Team Work

Most sports require teamwork. Teamwork includes working together as a team, but also includes teaching kids how to be a leader, or how to accurately follow someone else's directions. Organized sports show kids that if they work together and trust their teammates, they can achieve any goal.


Organized sports teach kids structure and discipline. It becomes habit to get ready for practice, show up on time and go through warm ups, stretches, practice and warm downs. Sports allow kids to enjoy structured time, teaching them to discipline themselves for the good of the team.

Building Self Esteem

Sports give kids a time to shine. Kids love to show off for their friends and family, and organized sports give them the chance to do just that. It may seem small, but the recognition of your coach and teammates and a plastic trophy can do wonders in raising a shy kid's self esteem.


About the Author

Charles Thomas has been a freelance writer since 2005. He is an active contributor to the "Van Nuys News Press," including its "Government Center Gazette." Thomas is pursuing a Master of Arts in anthropology at California State University-Northridge.