How to Find the Serial Number for a 150 OptiMax Mercury Marine

Engine manufacturer Mercury Marine makes the Optimax outboard motor in two sizes: 150 horsepower and 135 horsepower. A 150 Optimax Mercury Marine motor relies on a two-stage fuel injection system to deliver power to your boat’s outboard engine. You will need your engine's serial number to repair your Mercury Marine Optimax engine's fuel injection system, belts or motor blades; the serial number is also important if you want to purchase parts and accessories. Rely on three sources to find the serial number for your 150 Optimax Mercury Marine.

Step 1

Look on the engine brackets. Mercury Marine notes that it puts each Optimax engine’s serial number and year of manufacture on a sticker on one of the engine’s transom brackets. The transom bracket connects the engine to the rear of your boat, suspending the engine in mid-air behind the boat instead of hanging the engine over the edge of the boat, according to Marine Engine Digest.

Step 2

Ask a dealer. Mercury Marine dealers can help you find the serial number of your Optimax outboard engine. Check with the dealer who sold you the engine or contact any dealer using Mercury Marine’s directory of dealers. All dealers have product literature and reference materials that can assist you in your search for the engine’s serial number.

Step 3

Check your owner’s documents. When you purchased your Optimax engine, you should have received a few important owner’s documents that feature the engine’s serial number. Check your owner’s packet for a detailed receipt – which should list the engine serial number – and for an owner’s manual. Optimax manuals feature the engine serial number either on the cover or inside front cover.


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