Rules & Regulations for Lawn Bowls

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Lawn bowling, also known as Bocce ball, consists of tossing larger balls toward smaller balls on a well-manicured, flat lawn. There are specific rules for teams playing lawn bowling involving scoring, etiquette and how you play the game.


Teams in lawn bowling can be single, double, triple or four-person teams of two, with each team trading off in throws. There are four balls given to each team per throw, so balls must be divided accordingly, with one member of each team throwing at least once per turn. Every ball must be thrown per turn by each team. Any ball which is thrown out of turn by the other team does not count.

Game Play

Playing lawn bowling entails a simple process of throws and turns. The first thing which is done is to place the jack, which is a small white or yellow ball. A member of one of the teams throws the jack onto the lawn within the playing area. Then members of each team throw one of their balls to see who can land the closest, determining who will go first by whichever ball lands the closest. The first team to go then tosses a ball at the jack and then the other team tosses their ball at the jack, trying to land it as close as possible. Once everyone has thrown, the round is over and scores are tallied.


Scoring in lawn bowling is simple, though a measuring tape should be kept on hand to resolve disputes in distance. Whichever team's ball is closer to the jack at the end of both team's tosses gives that team one point. If two or more of the same team's balls are the closest to the jack, then that will be two points for that team. If a ball is touching the jack, it's three points for that team. If, during a throw, one team knocks another team's ball farther from the jack, then the point the second team would have had does not count. Points are only tallied at the end of each round.