How to Ride Horses for Free (go Horseback Riding for Free)

If you love riding horses, but hate paying so much to go, here are some ideas to find free horseback riding.

If you are a beginning rider, it might be a little more challenging to find a place to ride horses for free, especially if you live in the city. Look in your phone gbook under stables, and call to see if they need someone to help clean out the stalls. Offer to work in exchange for lessons or time to ride.

Leave ads on bulletin boards in boarding stables, there might be a private owner who doesn't always have time to excersize their horse that might just need someone to ride it.

If you are an experienced rider, you might try placing an ad on Craigslist. Especially in the country, there are people who need someone to take the time to ride horses that might have specific habits or be a little more challenging to ride.

With this economy, many horse breeders and owners are having to cut back on the number of people that are hired to look after their stables. You might be a welcome relief as somone who wants to help out in exchange for free horseback riding.

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