How to Replace a Roof on a Camper

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Often a camper roof is damaged because the roof was not properly weathered with waterproof sealant. Water may have seeped in through the seams that connect the aluminum siding. Maintenance requires that the roof's seams be sealed, and the sealant is most often applied with a paintbrush from a can that looks like a traditional paint can. Replacing a camper that has undergone structural damage can be an intensive project, but a doable one.

Remove all RV exterior fixtures. This includes vents, solar panels and A/C. This is where the drill and sockets will become very valuable as there are many screws in most cases. The pry bar or hammer may be needed to break the seals the vents, or other fixtures have to the roof.

Remove edging and staples around the perimeter of the roof and sidewalls.

Peel the aluminum siding up, or remove it if replacing it to expose the insulation. Remove the insulation. If water damaged it should definitely be replaced.

Take visual note, like a digital photograph of the exposed wiring.

Remove all screws or nails that affix the roof to the frame of the camper that are attached to the walls and likely the cabinetry. If the damage is confined, a section of roof can be cut out and replaced.

Lift off the section of roof to be replaced. Four people usually provide a safe balance to lift the roof up and off.

Place the new section on and reattach the screws or nails that held on the roof.

Rerun the wiring.

Reattach the peripheral molding and fixtures.

Seal the seams of the roof with RV roof sealant.


  • Best to remove all electrical current going into the camper before this scale of maintenance.


  • Be careful when rolling aluminum if it is to be reused because it can tear easily.


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