How to Replace a Hunter Safety Card

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Most states require hunters to carry proof of completing a hunter safety course in the form of a hunter safety card. This involves taking a one or two-day course about the safe handling of firearms, care for the natural environment, appropriate dress and survival techniques. Once a card is issued, you should carry it whenever hunting, along with the necessary licenses. If your card is lost, you ca replace it; the procedures for replacing a hunter safety card vary by state.

Identify the issuing agency. The state agency that first issued your hunter safety card is the one that will issue a replacement. If you're not sure which agency that is, the link titled "Replace Lost Cards by State" is the Resources section below will take you to the appropriate agency for your state.

Contact the issuing agency. Depending on the state, there are various ways to reach the agency that issued your hunter safety card. Many will have a phone number or email address where they can be contacted. The Georgia Wildlife Resources Division has an online service that requires registration with a username and password.

Identify yourself. The agency that issued your card should have your records on file. You might need you social security number, but your name address should suffice. If your hunter safety education is current, the agency should issue a new card by mail.


  • You could run into problems if you've moved since your card was issued, unless the agency has your social security number or some other means of identifying you on file. The appropriate department in each state will have their own process and requirements; it's essential to contact the department well in advance of your hunting trip, so that you can adequately identify yourself and receive your replacement card.