How to Rent a Camper at Campgrounds

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Camping can offer a cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel, because campsites offer lower rates and you are able to cook your own meals more easily. However, not all families are willing to rough it in the wilderness or do not want to commit to purchasing a tent or trailer before they try it out. For those who want to try camping without the commitment, some campgrounds offer trailer rentals similar to renting a motel room or cabin.

Locate a campground that offers camper rentals onsite. Finding onsite campers for rent prevents having to rent a camper and learning how to tow it. Websites such as Go Camping America and Woodall's, can help you find these campgrounds.

Request to rent a camper when you make your reservation. If you do not specify that you need to rent a camper, the campground employees will assume that you have your own.

Inquire about any special rules or regulations for renting a camper. Some campgrounds do not allow pets or may have restrictions on smoking. Others have restrictions on the age of the person renting the camper. Also ask about the capacity of the camper -- another important factor.

Bring along anything you would need for a typical vacation such as hygiene items, clothing and other personal items. You also may need to bring bedding, towels and food. Ask the campground what is provided and what you are responsible for bringing, to ensure you have everything you need. Some campgrounds provide cooking implements, while others may not.


  • Rental campers generally are limited, so make your reservations as far in advance as you can.


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