How to Put Up an E-Z Up Canopy

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E-Z Up canopies are instant portable shelters designed and manufactured by E-Z Direct. E-Z Up canopies are great for camping trips, weddings, craft shows and tail gating. With its quick, no-hassle assembly, you can take you E-Z Up canopy anywhere. These canopies can be set up and taken down in less than a minute. Built with an aluma-steel frame and a weather-resistant professional 600-grade Denier Dura Last polyester top, this durable canopy is ideal for any situation that requires shelter.

Take the E-Z Up canopy out of the box.

Grasp the outer legs of the canopy. Have a partner assist you by grabbing the outer legs of the canopy on the opposite side. Both of you take a step backward about an arm's length.

Place the canopy top over the partially opened frame. Align the Velcro strips and secure the top to the tallest trusses. Attach the Velcro firmly to the outside corners of the canopy.

Grab the diamond-shaped part of the trusses on the top and bottom and push hands together while lifting the canopy and stepping backward, opening the frame. Walk backward until the canopy is fully open.

Engage the snap button on the sliders located at the corners of the canopy. Push each slider up into position until the snap button locks into place. Apply this step to the rest of the canopy legs, securing all the corners.

Lift and pull out two of the outer canopy legs that are side. Lock the snap buttons into place, standing up one side of the canopy. Repeat this process again on the other side. At this point, the canopy should be standing by itself.


  • Use assistance when setting up your E-Z Up canopy.


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