Natural Remedies to Calm Show Cattle

Working with show cattle can be a stressful yet rewarding venture. Each calf has its own personality and some of the best can be easy frightened, especially during the show. There are several ways to train your calf to be calm during the show.


Spend time with the calf. Learn how he reacts to unexpected movements and phenomena so you can be prepared for his reaction and keep him under control.

One helpful strategy is to practice calming phrases with your calf. Any time she gets upset while you are training her, use a unique phrase to calm her down. Only use this phrase; the calf will learn that when you say it, everything is fine. This will help her calm down faster.


Try natural medications that promote calmness in animals. There are several manufacturers of "cattle calm" products. Make sure to look for the natural products, so that they don't include anything illegal to use in competitions. Use the product repeatedly prior to any competition to see how it affects the calf; in some cases, products have caused the calf to become even more agitated. One tube of "cattle calm" is enough for an animal weighing up to 1,000 pounds.


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