How to Mount a X100 Visor

Bauer Hockey makes protective padding, clothing and helmets. The company's X100 visor is made of shatterproof ballistic plastic. The visor is compatible with several of the company's helmets and uses Bauer's Quick Clip attachment system. The Quick Clip system allows tool free installation of the visor, making it a quick and easy process, rink-side if necessary. When the X100 is in place it gives a clear view while protecting the eyes.

Set the helmet between your legs or on a bench. Keep the face of the helmet toward you.

Grip the X100 visor and push the sides out with your hands. Push it out between 1/4 to 1/3 inches at the edges and slide it over the cheek protector portions of the helmet.

Align the studs on the side of the helmet. Some Bauer helmets have two studs per side, allowing you the option of placing the visor high or low.

Release the visor so the side holes align to the helmet studs. Push the studs through the larger hole on the visor side, the visor holes look like a hollow figure 8 with one side larger and then push the visor back so the stud snaps into the small hole on the visor sides.


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