How to Make a Schedule of Games

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Creating schedules for games is a great way to keep organized and make the best use of the available time to play. Schedules also promote a timely and efficient structure for the games to be played. Computer software will make the process quick and easy.

Open a new Microsoft Word document.

Select "insert" from the various tabs located on the top of the window.

Choose "table" and select the dimensions of your schedule.

Enter the appropriate data (e.g. dates, locations) in the table and make sure to leave room for an extra slot on each axis to act as a key or descriptor.

Label the document and add any pictures or important messages. Distribute the schedules accordingly.


  • If you're having a hard time deciding the dimensions for your schedule, try setting the dimensions equal to the number of games to be played and the available playing locations, plus one. For example, if you have 4 basketball games to be played and 5 courts to play them on, try using a 5 by 6 table. The extra slots on each axis leave you room to label.


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