How to Make Fishing Line Conditioner

How to Make Fishing Line Conditioner

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Skilled fishing provides greater fish strikes and more excitement. Like any sport, much of the skill lies in proper care of your equipment. Dirty fishing line sticks and pulls against itself. Even microscopic algae build up on the line reducing casting speed and distance. Additionally, older fishing line loses its flexibility becoming brittle. Using a fishing line conditioner maintains the line suppleness and allows it to slide past itself on the reel to quickly and smoothly flow when cast.

Items you will need

  • Dish soap

  • Pan

  • Hair conditioner

  • Solvent-free silicone spray

  • Rag

Wash the fish line with a one to one dilution of dish soap and water. Scrub the line with the a rag.

Thoroughly rinse the fishing line.

Soak the fishing line reel in a hair conditioner containing silicone for 15 minutes. Rinse the reel and allow it to dry.

Spray the line with a non-solvent, silicone lubricant spray outdoors.

Wipe excess lubricant off with a rag.


  • Sprays with solvent erode the fish line.
  • Don't spray lubricant near power lines.
  • Wear safety goggles while spraying lubricant.


  • WD-40 can be used but it has a distinct odor.
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