How to Make a Festival

So you want to make a festival. Ask yourself the five basic party questions: what, when, where, who and how. A festival-sized party takes a lot of planning and a lot of help, but it's all worth it when you see people gathered together to celebrate something they all have in common.

Decide what you want your festival to celebrate. The possibilities are endless: the season, a type of music, a kind of food or a genre of film all make good choices. Then come up with a catchy name like "The Fall Fleetwood Mac, French Food and Fellini Festival."

Set a date for your festival. Depending on the region you live in, spring and fall are usually the most comfortable weather-wise. Consider other events, like Spring Break, Christmas or other festivals that could keep people from your party.

Select a festival venue. Your backyard might be suitable for a small festival, but a park works better for larger celebrations.

Print t-shirts if you want your festival to become an annual event. T-shirts are year-round advertising, especially if they feature a cool design. Sell them at a profit to offset some of the costs associated with your festival.

Get the word out. Contact everyone you know who might take an interest in your festival and ask them to invite friends as well. Consider advertising in the newspaper or on the radio.

Ask for volunteers. Large celebrations require coordinators, cleanup crews and security. If you sell anything, like tickets or food, make sure the people who volunteer for those jobs are trustworthy.


  • If you have your festival at a park or any other municipal venue, make sure you obtain the proper permits.
  • Respect all noise laws, especially if you have bands at your festival.
  • Follow all food-handling regulations if your festival offers food.

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