How to Make a Drop-Through Longboard

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Relatively new to the world of skateboarding, drop-through longboards differ from others primarily due to the fact that there is a recess cut through either end of the board for the trucks to be mounted. This allows the board to sit slightly closer to the ground, as the trucks are mounted through the board to the top of it, rather than under it. This makes the board much more stable and has created a huge following with downhill skateboarding enthusiasts. Making your own can be done with some commonly found materials from your local building center.

Step 1

Apply a layer of glue between each of the 5 1/8-inch thick sheets of birch, and sandwich them together; do not apply any glue to the two outside surfaces of your stack of birch wood. Place the stack of birch sheets between two 2-by-8 wood planks and clamp and sandwich the five sheets between them by securely tightening a number of C-clamps to the outside surfaces of the 2-by-8 planks. Laminating multiple thin sheets of wood together builds incredible strength and allows for the wood to flex slightly without breaking.

Step 2

Remove your deck blank from the clamps after 24 hours. Trace the outline of an existing drop-through longboard onto the surface of your deck blank, including the outlines of the two truck mounting holes at either end. If you are a confident longboarder, feel free to alter the shape and design of the board to better suit your riding style, but still copy over to the new board blank the two truck mounting holes.

Step 3

Cut out your longboard blank using a jigsaw. Drill a hole in either truck mounting hole and insert the blade of your jigsaw to cut them out.

Step 4

Sand all the surfaces of your board smooth starting with some 220-grit sandpaper wrapped around a sanding block, moving up to a 400-grit paper to finish the surfaces and edges.

Step 5

Apply a sheet of grip tape to the upper side of the board, and install the trucks, wheels and bearings as you would on any other drop-through longboard.


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