What Is a Boat Tent?

by Suzanne S. Wiley
Boat tents let you camp out on your boat, rather than on the ground.

Boat tents let you camp out on your boat, rather than on the ground.

Boating can be such a relaxing activity that you might feel like sleeping on your boat sometimes. Instead of going home or pitching a tent at a nearby campground, set up a tent that provides privacy and shelter right on your boat. Boat tents can be handmade or purchased from a professional manufacturer. If you get a boat tent, choose the materials carefully -- the tent's composition can affect the comfort and cheeriness of its interior.

All Shapes and Sizes

Boat tents are available in generic styles and in boat-model-specific forms too. Contact the manufacturer of your boat and see if there are premade boat tents meant for the vessel you have. You can also buy generic boat tents that you adjust to fit your boat. It's possible to create your own boat tent with simple materials such as poles, a plastic tarp, shock cord and lacing hooks.

Good Morning, Sunshine

Whether you make or buy your boat tent, try to find breathable materials that will let moisture out, if possible. If you’ve got your boat completely closed up, your breath and the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the tented compartment will create enough condensation to get you wet when you touch the inside surface of the cover. The thickness and color of the material can have a drastic effect on how the compartment seems; for example, dark colors can make everything look gloomy inside. Many boat covers have plastic windows, but if you cover those for privacy you’ll still have to deal with the effects of the main tent material.

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