Instructions for Lace Salomon Shoes

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Salomon produces and designs sporting gear for the great outdoors. Among the company's offerings are a range of trail running shoes that use a unique and proprietary lacing system. The Salomon trail runners use Kevlar laces for strength that are pre-threaded in enclosed lace sleeves. At the top of the shoe is plastic attachment fid that locks the laces down into a tight or loose position. The lace system is made to be adjusted on the fly and to be a very quick put-on and take-off.

Step 1

Open the lace fid by pushing the small black lever at the tip of the fid. Pull on the sides of the shoes to get them open and ready for your feet. Put your feet into the shoes.

Step 2

Grip the two laces coming out of the fid on one shoe and pull them toward your shin. Watch as the full lace system tightens the shoe sides into the foot.

Step 3

Pull the laces up from your shin and out toward the top of the foot to lock the fid and laces. Repeat steps 1 to 3 with the other shoe.

Step 4

Pull the fid tab to loosen or remove the shoes. As an alternate, you can also pull on the laces themselves where they come out of the tip of the fid.


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