My Hydroflame 8525 Won't Light

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The Hydroflame 8525 is a furnace manufactured for campers, pop-tops and recreational vehicles. It uses 12 volts of direct current, along with propane, to power the fan and the heating elements. When power is applied, by lighting the pilot light and adjusting the thermostat, the small appliance warms the space. If your Hydroflame 8525 will not light when it is supposed to, troubleshoot for a cause.

If the propane tank is empty, the Hydroflame 8525 will not light. Look at the volume meter, if one is attached to the supply tank. Fill the tank, if empty. If the tank is not empty, turn the flow valve to the "open" position, to supply gas to the furnace.

Inspect the gas line thoroughly. Look and smell for any breaks, cracks or leaks. If you detect a leak, shut the supply tank off. Do not attempt to light your Hydroflame 8525 or you could cause an explosion. Replace the gas hose immediately. Hoses are sold at most hardware stores and camping supply retailers. Unfasten the old hose with your hands and attach a new one.

Read your thermostat. The thermostat controls the power, allowing the 12-volt direct current to be supplied to the Hydroflame. Set the thermostat to the "On" position, before lighting the furnace. Turn the thermostat on and set it between 70 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check the thermocouple on the Hydroflame. The thermocouple is an elongated electrical control device, usually attached to a copper tube. It regulates voltage in an appliance, such as a furnace. Refer to your user's manual, to see where the thermocouple is set. If it is out of position, the pilot flame will typically not light and the furnace cannot heat the space.

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