How to Compress Powder

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There are many reasons why people and businesses compress powder. Laboratories press powdered medication with hydraulic hand presses into pill casings for sale to consumers. Hunters and gun enthusiasts press gunpowder into bullet casings to create custom-made bullets. And manufacturers press limestone and other raw pigment powders into tight blocks that can be encased in plastic and put on display by construction and makeup retailers to show consumers what the color of a finished product that combines multiple loose powders will look like. With a simple handheld powder press tool, you can compress loose powder easily and put it on display for your customers to see.

    Measure one or more loose powders into a scale with a teaspoon measuring set according to the weight guidelines. Measure in grams on your plastic disc containers that will hold the finished compressed powder product. Record the amount of each powder that you measure into the scale to reach the desired weight.

    Insert the press barrel or container into the holder base of the press. Pour the loose powder(s) into the barrel. Even out the top of the powder pile with a nail file or kitchen knife.

    Screw the lid onto the barrel of the hand press. Turn the lid on the hand press until it will not rotate any more. Remove the press lid, then the barrel from the holder base.

    Turn the holder base upside down carefully, pouring the power into the plastic disc container in one, swift motion. Screw the lid onto the plastic container, securing the powder safely inside for display.


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