How to Clean Saw Blades

by Shelley Kishpaugh

Clean Saw Blades


Cleaning saw blades is a simple procedure, but it is very important to use the proper cleaners and never use metal tools for scraping gunk off your blades. Harsh chemicals and abrasive scraping can do damage to a blade that might not be visible but will result in a potentially extremely dangerous flaw in the saw blade that can cause structural integrity failure and serious injury.

  1. Fill the bucket or container with Kerosene (which is highly flammable and one should exercise the utmost caution when working with this substance) or Simple Green concentrate (which is not at all harmful when used according to packaging directions).

  2. Soak the saw blade overnight in the bucket filled with the liquid from step 1.

  3. Use the Teflon-safe scrapers or scrubbers to remove any remaining residue. Store these tools in the garage to ensure they are no longer used near food.

  4. Rinse the blades in water, and let dry.

  5. Spray clean saw blades with a coat of WD-40.


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