How to Clean a Taurus 38 Special

The Taurus 38 special is a 38 caliber revolver pistol. You must clean the the pistol every time you are finished shooting it. You must also keep the pistol well oiled when you are not using it. If you don't keep the Taurus 38 clean and oiled, the metal can rust. You can buy a gun-cleaning kit at an outdoors outlet but you will need to buy a barrel brush specific for a 38 caliber gun.

    Push the slide forward that is on the right side of the gun just in front of the cylinder. Push the cylinder out from the frame of the gun.

    Place a small amount of gun oil into the cotton cloth and wipe the inside of the frame where the cylinder rests. Place a small amount of gun oil onto the barrel brush and scrub the barrel.

    Apply a small amount of gun oil onto the cylinder brush and scrub all six holes on the cylinder. Put all of the clean tools away.


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