How to Hook a Minnow Properly

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Minnows are perhaps the most common type of live bait that fishermen use. Available in a wide variety of sizes, anglers use them to catch small fish such as crappies, and larger fish such as catfish and muskies. Additionally, fishermen use minnows in both freshwater and saltwater. Minnows can be purchased at bait shops, though some anglers catch their own by netting them. Minnows can be cast, drifted or trolled. There are different ways to rig minnows, depending on how you plan to use them.

Step 1

Attach the hook to the minnow's mouth if you plan on casting a jig. Place the hook point into the minnow's mouth and push it into the throat. Push the hook point upward so it protrudes from the minnow's head, behind its eyes.

Step 2

Hook the minnow behind its dorsal fin when fishing it beneath a bobber. Place the hook point in the minnow's back just behind its dorsal fin and about 1/8 inch below the top of the back. Push the hook until it protrudes from the other side of the minnow's body.

Step 3

Hook the minnow through its mouth or just in front of its tail if you plan to drift or troll with it. Push the hook point into the minnow's lower jaw, up through its mouth, and out the top of its mouth, just behind its lips. To tail-hook the minnow, push the hook point through the body, just in front of the tail.


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