Homemade Fishing Lights

by Danielle Odom

Anyone that fishes at night regularly knows the value of underwater fishing lights. The lights are not meant to attract fish. By attracting bait fish to your fishing spot using these underwater fishing lights, you will then be able to attract game fish. By using underwater lights you will increase your chances of catching fish; however, you would still need to research your fishing spot.

Four Requirements

Before creating your own underwater fishing light, you would first need to know four things. It must be powered by a portable electrical power supply. You want to make sure it emits light in a similar color to the fish's natural space. Next, it needs to have a pretty high intensity to penetrate murky water. Lastly, it must be watertight and submersible.


Depending on the amount of money you have to spend and the number of lights you would like to create, there are couple ways you can go about doing this. The simplest and most economic way is with a Mason jar or any other glass canning jar. With the jar, some electrical tape, wire, and a light bulb you can create your own underwater fishing light in a matter of minutes. You would simply drill a hole in the lid of the jar, thread the wire through the hole and attach to the bulb. Once everything is attached you would need to use black tape secure the lid to the jar and to cover the hole where the wire goes through.

Another option that is a little bit more expensive is small glass beakers. These would usually come with a cork or rubber stopper. By drilling a hole in the rubber stopper and threading the wire in the same fashion, taking care to cover seams with the black tape, you can create enough of lights to surround your boat.

Let There Be Light

To power your new light he would simply need a 12-volt battery. By attaching the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery, and attaching the yellow or black wire to the ground, you have enough of a charge to power a small light bulb. With a little ingenuity you can create a larger version based on the same plans.

Lightweight vs. Scraping Bottom

Depending on how deep you want your light to be submerged you would need to weigh it down. Simplest would be sand in the bottom of the jar; however, this would steal some of the light. Another option would be marbles. You can even buy colored marbles to further aid in attracting your desired bait fish.

About the Author

Danielle Odom is a freelance writer and ghostwriter with more than 12 years experience. She is a certified medical transcriptionist and is working on a degree as a medical office assistant. As a writer she enjoys learning new things daily and is committed to entertaining and informing everyone that reads her work.