My Harley Alarm Won't Disarm

My Harley Alarm Won't Disarm

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You're all set to jump on your Harley, so you press the button to disarm the alarm and hop on. That's when you find the bike won't start. The alarm on a Harley-Davidson kills the engine. If the battery in your alarm FOB is dead or malfunctioning, you can override the alarm with a series of turn signal presses. This will allow you to get the bike started, and keep you from being stranded.

Turn the key to the ignition position. Quickly press both turn signal indicators, until a light on the dash flashes.

Enter the first digit of your 5-digit security PIN by pressing in the left-turn switch the same number of times. So if your PIN is 76543, you should press the left-turn switch six times.

Press the right-turn switch once to store the number and move to the next digit in your PIN code. Press the left turn signal six times to continue, until you get to the end. At the end of the process, the alarm will disarm and the light on the dash will stop blinking. You can now start the bike as normal.


  • Get the FOB checked at the dealer to make sure it is working correctly.