How to Fold a 3 Person Dome Tent

When it is time to break camp and go home, people often get frustrated as they try to fold their dome tent and fit it back into the carry bag it came in. Even something as small as a three-person dome tent seems incapable of folding back up into the size it came. You can easily complete this task if you know the correct order in which to make the folds.

Collapse the tent. Make sure the tent is empty and clean on the inside. Remove the poles and let the tent collapse on itself.

Smooth the tent with your hands and make sure the fabric that was the upper part of the tent is laying as flat as possible on the bottom part of the tent.

Fold the outside corners of one side of the tent just past the center of the tent. Smooth the fold with your hands, starting at the rear of the tent and smoothing toward the front to force out the air that is trapped inside. Repeat this with the other side of the tent.

Fold the tent in half lengthwise. Bring the folded edge of one side over and on top of the other so both folded edges from Step 3 are together. Smooth the tent again, moving from the rear to the front.

Begin to roll your tent ,beginning from the rear and moving forward. After every few turns of the roll, smooth the folded tent out a few inches in front of you to prevent air from being trapped in the roll. When the entire tent is rolled, stuff the tent in the tent bag to store it.


  • Never fold and store a wet or damp tent, which will cause mildew to form.


  • Adjust the folds slightly so you are not folding the tent in the exact same place each time.
  • This prevents the waterproof coating from cracking along those lines.


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