Fireproof Hiding Places for Money

Fireproof Hiding Places for Money

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Most of the money people earn is deposited for safekeeping in a bank or similar institution. People need cash on hand for emergencies or daily needs, but want to be assured that their money is safe. It you are concerned that your money might be destroyed by fire, you need to find fireproof hiding places that afford peace of mind.

Fireproof Metal Filing Cabinet

A two- or three-drawer lateral fireproof metal filing cabinet is a safe place to hide money. It will protect your money, files and papers. Choose a cabinet that fits with the decor of your room and can be locked with a key.

Buried Glass Jar

Place money in a glass jar, dig a hole about 12 inches into the ground and bury the jar in your garden. For easy removal, place a marker on the spot where it is buried. The depth of the hole will ensure that the money will not burn, and the glass container is an added layer of security because glass does not burn.

Wood Burning Stoves

Wood-burning stoves are generally used only a few months a year. When the stove is not in use, it's an ideal fireproof place to hide your money. Place the money in a box in the opening of the stove, close the stove door, and your money will be safe.

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