How to Disassemble a Llama 22

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The only weapon manufactured by the Llama Gabilondo y Cia firearms company exclusively in the .22 caliber size was the Llama XV "Especiale." This pistol was built to resemble the venerable old Colt 1911 in both appearance and function, and so breaks down in almost the exact same way. As with all pistols, it is important to know how to break down -- or "field strip" to use the technical term -- the Especiale in order to perform routine maintenance and make minor repairs.

Thumb the magazine eject button and pull the magazine out of the Especiale's grip.

Pull the slide back to eject any bullets from the firing chamber, then visually inspect the chamber to ensure that the gun is empty. You should always clear your weapon of any ammunition before working on it.

Push in the recoil spring plug immediately below the barrel muzzle and keep pressure on for the next step.

Turn the barrel bushing -- the teardrop-shaped metal place on the face of the pistol -- counterclockwise 90 degrees.

Release the pressure on the recoil spring plug slowly. The button will come fully out of the pistol under pressure from the spring.

Pull the Llama's slide back slightly until the notch on the left side of the slide lines up with the tip of the take-down lever on that same side.

Push the take-down lever up into the notch. This will release the slide from the guide rails and allow you to push it forward and completely off the pistol frame.

Pull the recoil spring and recoil spring guide out the back of the slide.

Turn the barrel bushing clockwise until it lines up with the disassembly hole. Pull the bushing out of the slide once it lines up.

Push the barrel forward and out the front of the slide.


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