How to Make a Crawfish Trap

This article will explain how to make a craw fish trap using readily available material from your local hardware store. However you can purchase these, like the one pictured, on eBay for 8-10 dollars. The raw materials to make one will probably cost more than that unless you are going to make a lot of them.

Refer to the picture and cut out two cylinders from the wire cloth so that the cylinder ends up about 6-8 inches in diameter. In the pet stores they have the fold and crimp clips for making animal cages. Get a bag of these. You can see what they look like by looking at some already made cages at the corners. Using the clips make two cylinders 6-8 inches in diameter and 6-8 inches long. Any larger than this they get hard to handle.

Cut a round piece from the wire cloth the size of you cylinders. Attach it using the clips to one end of one of your cylinders.

Using a funnel for a pattern cut out a funnel shape from the wire cloth so when it is bent around to form the funnel shape the large end ends up the same size as the cylinders. Join the ends with the crimp clips. The small end should be about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter. Attach the funnel shape to the end of the other cylinder with the small end towards the inside like the picture.

Now you need to attach the two cylinders together but remember, they have to come apart so you can get the craw fish out. Using several short pieces of the 16 gage wire just twist tie the cylinders. You can undo the twist ties to get your craw fish out. Bait the trap on the inside with some fish scraps. Tie a rope on it for recovery and set the trap in your favorite spot.


  • Wear eye protection when you are using the wire cutters.


  • Use gloves when working with the wire cloth. It can puncture skin very easy.