How to Convert Knots to MPH

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A knot is a unit of velocity typically used for boats and aircraft. Miles per hour, on the other hand, measures the speed of cars in the United States. One knot equals a speed of 1 nautical mile per hour, or 6,076 feet per hour. One mile per hour equals 5,280 feet per hour. So the speed of 1 knot is slightly faster than 1 mile per hour. Converting knots to miles per hour is done by using a mathematical formula.

Step 1

Look at your gauges in your boat or aircraft to determine your speed in knots.

Step 2

Multiply knots by 1.151 to convert to miles per hour. For example, 20 knots multiplied by 1.151 equals 23 miles per hour.

Step 3

Multiply miles per hour by 0.869 to convert miles per hour to knots. For example, 30 miles per hour multiplied by 0.869 equals 26 knots.


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