How to Change Oil in Rangertrail(Ranger Boats) Trailers Wheel Bearings Hubs

Ranger Boats has an innovative oiling system for their boat trailer bearings. The one problem that is common with this system is water leaking into the hub and causing the oil to turn a milky color in the sight glass. While Ranger says the bearings will perform in the milk, we all know that oil lubricates better than water. In this article we will go over the steps of changing oil in Ranger Cool wheel bearing hubs on Rangertrail boat trailers.

The first step is to take off the hub cover with an allen wrench and loosen lug nuts slightly.

Now, jack up the wheel and finish taking lug nuts off and remove wheel.

After removing the wheel, put a pan under hub, take allen screw out of the assembly, turn hub to up side down position, and let old oil drain out.

After all old oil is out it is time to replace old oil with new oil. You will need to completely fill the sight glass. This makes water less likely to leak back in.

Now that you have the new oil in, put in the drain screw, put the wheel back on, let down off jack, tighten lug nuts, and put hub cover back on and you are ready to go.


  • Make sure your lug nuts are tight when you are done!
  • Make sure to use Catslube (recommended and sold by Ranger Boats)

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